Monday, September 13, 2010

I've Been Grindin' Nearly Everyday, Peep The Lineup

On Sept. 7, I stroked for Blacks On Blondes 
 On Sept. 9, I gave the sexy a ride for Directed by JAX,
 And on Sept. 10, I enjoyed in a shoot for Blacks On Blondes 

On Sept. 12, I also shot a hot fuckin' scene with Ms. Kennedy for www.blacksonblodes It was her 1st Interracial scene.

I stay ballin' outta control, but I always let you know the score!


amy said...

Flash, ur my new favorite porn star. IR is the best after watching u. i love ur beautiful black body and that huge black dick. u deserve all the white pussy u get, i know they must luv it when u fuck them so har.

Patti said...

If I could only feel the power and strength of your beautiful black cock one time. I could show you how I would worship your hard thick black cock by massaging it with my slick warm lotion. Getting you so hard, thick and long for my wet hot pink pussy, and then making you cum like you've never cum before. My pussy and lips want to feel you deep...Give it to me baby...please