Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How Do You Want It?

Yeah. I asked, so tell me. They say variety is the spice of life, and guess what? My life is so fuckin' spicy. When it cums to good pussy, I don't discriminate on the basis of age, race, or weight. So don't be scared...I got you. You ain't got to go nowhere else. I'll soon post links to sites where you can sneak peek my dick in action, and then buy your own copy to watch in the privacy of your own home...or hell, at work or where ever you get yo' freak on.

Only thing I ask is that you support me 100%. Pay to watch, don't play that piracy shit, cause then I don't get paid, and can't keep ballin'. Get it?


April Love said...

Wut i like to see? dark chunky meat-on-the-bottom chiks w/round meaty heavy juicy butts getting their punany worshipped till they scream--watching their thighs quiver, their buts bounce and jiggle and their twats squirt--then having that same punany plowed as if gutting a fish (it's all in the intensity)

In short as a viewer, I like to see lots of punany eating and butt worship BEFORE the drilling!

pavan said...

i wud like to see u get physical wid da girls.. talk to her look in her eyes... kiss her everywhere... finger her hard!! n wud like di girls to play wid ur but! n also when doing bjs move ur body or dick hard up n down in di girl's head.... n wud luv u too make hot faces while getting sucked.... make it obvious ur in heaven... moan haha :D does this help??

unknown said...

i wanna see ur butt become bigger somehow... but ur great otherwise... i like bouncing balls n when di penis is wet with spit :)... ask di girl to play wid ur butthole when she bjs u..
n i wud love a bigger rounder butt :)

Patti said...

I want to FEEL and see the power of your beautiful long thick black cock...feel it grow in my hands as I massage your strong black bone with my lotion. Then straddle you and feel for the first time the power of your huge black cock deep inside my hot, wet, pink pussy...I am yours to take...let me worship you...please baby...please!

Patti said...

I have never had big black cock...I want you to take me with your powerful, long black cock. Show me how differently a black stud like you can make me cum. I want to take your strong black cock deep inside my tight, pink, wet pussy. Deeper than I've ever had it before. Watching your DVD's gets me so excited. I dream about you sliding that slick black pole in & out, making me cum so good. I want you baby.