Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Took It To The Hole. I Won Urban X Best Male Newcomer Award

I promised to keep you posted on the outcome of this event. Here I am at the event with Sencere, Stacie Lane, and The Real Pinky.

Now, what does a top male porn playa do after winning this coveted award?

I'm sure as hell not going to Disneyland...especially not when I'm already living the dream on a daily.

Hit me up with your thoughts. What would you do next if you were me? Or better yet, who would you do next?

1 comment:

Katlynne LaSalle said...

I would...and then I just would not be able to stop myself from doing...after that, shit, the world is basically your oyster with all that incredible rich, thick chocolate you're packing. Just keep ballin' outta control!