Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Gonna Be Hot In Here, So Leave Now If You Can't Take The Heat!

What did you think the title of this blog meant? Yeah, I'm ballin' out of control as you can see by the photo above. This is my life, and since I got big balls, there's no stoppin' my progress in this game.

Gonna reach the top, running through pussy on the way. I have you, and my big dick to thank for my success. Talk to me, 'cause I stay horny for more. I'll be your Southern Comfort, you need to keep knockin' at my door. By that I mean follow and keep them comments cumming, 'cause I need to know what you want and what you like. This ain't no time to get shy on a brotha...


Naija said...

Heyyyy, I saw your post on Twitter. You're such a handsome man. I'm just curious as to how you became interested in being a porn star?

Be safe,

pavan said...

handsome dude... i luv ur balls bouncing while u "ball" lol.. just screw di girl harder n faster.... n try diff kama sutra positions from india :D